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Nieves Alvarez

Nieves is a top 360. Top as a woman, top as a professional. A myth and a legend.

She has been in the difficult universe of fashion for 30 + 1 years and her wide-angle vision is freer and more unprejudiced than that of many newcomers to the red carpet.


paula echevarria

Considered one of the most stylish and influential women in the country.

Since 2010, Paula Echevarría opted for blazers and coats that never go out of style and that everyone loves.


sandra majada

She declares herself an unconditional lover of fashion and traveling, her two great passions.

She has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and works for one of the largest national communication groups.
In August 2015 the profile decided to open the Instagram profile of @invitada_perfecta with the aim of collecting their favorite looks.



Pilar de Arce, Basque influencer who is followed by thousands of women.

«I decided to share my looks on Instagram because I thought that women my age, I am 54 years old, had very little presence on this social network»



Since I was little I have known that there is an exciting connection and affinity between art and me.

Architecture, painting and the freedom that all this entails generates in me a feeling with which I have had an intense years of relationship. But fashion... Fashion makes me dream. Because fashion is another type of art, the one that is worn. For some it's just a word, for me, it's almost everything I am.

As a journalist and a fervent fan of this industry, I intend to share with you the small and most special piece of me.

And as the legendary and always eternal Coco Chanel said: ”Fashion does not exist only in dresses. “Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”



EDURNE ALBA (@rebelattitude) This woman from Gasteiz with an unmistakable smile and ideal style decided to dedicate part of her life to the fashion that attracted her so much and she did a great favor to all of us who adore this world.